About Us...


Located on almost 900 acres within the beautiful Goomburra Valley Queensland; Darling Downs Wellness Therapies & The Grain Shed Retreat is a service and destination designed for people of all ages with or without special needs, giving considerations to their health or those looking for balance, relaxation and/or rejuvenation.

Our staff are fully qualified and registered with many years of experience providing health services to people of all ages with varying needs.

Bush Adventure Therapy

We believe the positive impacts of being outdoors, stimulating the senses through nature, and interacting in this environment, on health and well-being is valuable, and always welcome.

Bush Adventure Therapy is a diverse practice that combines the benefits of connecting outdoor adventures with the intent of achieving therapeutic outcomes for those involved.

Our unique 1:1 or small group sessions are based outdoors (weather permitting) on our property. Each ‘adventure’ is unique and depends upon the individual and their goals; however each program will address life skills, anxiety, self regulation, self efficacy, communication and social skills.

Our mobile therapy services offer 1:1 assessment and intervention and/or small group sessions depending upon what you are looking for. Our range of services are listed under the 'Our Services' tab. We are NDIS and Medicare registered or private health rebates are also available.

Our Grain Shed Retreat is set into the mountains of the beautiful Darling Ranges; a fully self contained rustic yet luxurious retreat. Available for short stay accommodation for those needing to escape the everyday, or those looking for a unique rural experience, or a secluded, romantic getaway. ‘Wellness Retreat’ packages including, yoga, mediation and guided walks are available.