Meet the Staff...

Bel du Bois


Senior Occupational Therapist

Sleep Scientist

Yoga Instructor

Massage Therapist

Retreat Facilitator

Bel du Bois is an award winning ,dynamic and influential Occupational Therapist, Sleep Scientist, Wellness Coach and yoga teacher. She has been part of the health and wellness industry for over 30 years and is the founder of ‘Darling Downs Wellness Therapies’, her current private practice in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia. She is a mentor and an international speaker on a variety of health related topics. Bel began her career in the 1980’s as a beauty and massage therapist, managing salons all over Australia and eventually running her own from home whilst juggling motherhood. A change in career led her into a teaching degree which took a turn and became a science degree; specifically a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. After graduating with awards and distinctions Bel began her first private practice offering Occupational Therapy services for children. Within a decade her practice grew to be the largest in Western Australia. During this time a scholarship was awarded by The University of Western Australia for Bel to study Sleep Science. From there Bel soon discovered the immense need for sleep services, particularly for those with chronic disease and disability; Bel went on to set up the first specific ‘Sleep Service’ for people with Multiple Sclerosis and other neuro-degenerative diseases. At the same time she set up a clinic for ‘Sleep Services’ for people with early onset dementia and co-founded ‘BedMatters’- running workshops for other health professionals and speaking at conferences. A fresh start lead her to the Darling Downs of Queensland and within the first two years she had completed further studies in mental health and established the award winning ‘Darling Downs Wellness Therapies’ offering a range of professional health and wellness services along with the unique ‘Grain Shed Retreat’ nestled into the mountain on her beautiful 900 acre property that she shares with her partner, family and many animals. From here she runs a variety of wellness retreats, health related seminars and workshops and short ‘farm stays’ for people with disabilities. Her passion remains in focusing on holistic approaches to a healthy life and sharing her knowledge. In her spare time she looks forward to investing time into further studies in nutrition and sitting upon her mountain top in a yoga position.🙏

Neil Erskine


Therapy Support

Adventure Therapy Facilitator

Neil began his ‘Therapy’ career over 30 years ago as a dog behavioral therapist. His love of interacting with people and animals has lead him to be a valuable part of DDWT. Due to his fun, non judgmental and adventurous nature he is a sort after therapy assistant. Neil has a passion for being outdoors and loves spending time with others in this environment; especially with Bullseye at his side. He believes everyone should have the opportunity to reach their potential and can do this by encouraging and challenging their thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and actions in a safe environment, to get results.


Support Dog

Bullseye is often the ‘ice breaker’. His gentle and kind demeanor always wins hearts and creates conversation. Bullseye likes to tag along to most adventure therapy sessions, he is always ready to listen and loves affection. Bullseye is often lending himself as a model for learning about compassion, and he thoroughly enjoys photo bombing at every given opportunity.

On location at The Grain Shed retreat

On location at The Grain Shed retreat